Our Partners

Guests and visitors to Safe LivinG are never charged a fee to participate or learn; and we won’t ask you to join a Safe LivinG membership. We do ask that you thank our incredible partners who advertise with us to ensure we are able to reach as many men, women, families and communities as possible with the important message of safety.

KAREN BUTLER / Owner & Founder

Become A Partner

Safe LivinG is an event marketing company that delivers results through public safety outreach. Partners receive both tangible and intangible results. Tangible results include increased sales through interactive product demonstrations at the point of sale, increased brand awareness from truck billboard advertising traveling to multiple markets across the United States, product placements in social media posts and the creation of new brand loyal customers. Intangible results include building brand reputation by a commitment to public safety, directly impacting consumers in a positively through safety information and brand pride from investing in public safety outreach.