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How to Avoid Getting Frostbit Toes

“What’s up with your toes?” A fellow guide asked me, as he pointed to my feet that were propped up next to the warm fireplace. Looking down I see the […]

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Staying Safe While Exercising in the Dark

Exercising outside after dark can be a safety hazard. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 80% of pedestrian traffic fatalities occur at night or in low-light conditions. […]

5 Safety Tips for Pets and Heat

Summer Safety – Five Pet Safety Tips

Summer time in hot climates can be great for you and your dog, but also very dangerous for your furry loved one.  Keep your pets safe in the heat by following […]


Summer Safety Tips: Fireworks Safety

Fireworks and fireworks safety go together like hotdogs and hamburgers! Summertime is upon us and for many it’s a time for families and friends to gather and watch the sky […]

River Safety

River Safety

You’re enjoying a calm float down a lazy river when suddenly you come across someone swimming and screaming for help. Do you know how to save them? Do you know […]

Be Ready For Spring's Buzz

Bee Ready for Spring’s Buzz

Bites, Stings and Creepy Things Situational Awareness also includes being on the lookout for environmental dangers. Stinging insects send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each. Each spring we […]

Elk Hunt at Upper Canyon Outfitters by Karen Butler, photo by Tess Rousey Ruger rifle vortex scope vortex range finder

Outdoor Safety While Hunting 

Follow Basic Firearm Safety when Hunting There are many things to keep in mind regarding safety when hunting. Carrying a firearm in the field has its own dangers which one […]