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Walking for Fitness

Safety includes having a wellness plan. Follow this plan to increase your steps per day.

Senior citizens walking

Four Things To Prevent Falls

Falls are common and costly. Most falls are preventable, and you can take steps to avoid the risk of a fall and to stay safe and independent longer

Wherever your travels take you, there are specific safety protocols that one should consider. Learn what it really means to have Safe Travels.

Safe Travels: On-the-Go Awareness

When a loved one tells us that they are going on a trip, our response is usually, “safe travels”. We expect them to reach their destination safely and return home unscathed.

woman being followed

You’re Being Followed…Now What?

Have you ever been followed? I have, but I was prepared. You can be prepared, too. Whether you are running, shopping, or driving, would you notice if someone was watching you? What would you do if you believed someone was following you?

Nnow what to do if you are a victim of road rage. This man is displaying road rage

Safety Tips If You are the Target or Aggressor of Road Rage

If you drive, you have likely had someone to honk their horn at you, roll down their window to scream at you, or make an unfavorable hand gesture. Of course, we can’t control the actions of others, but we can control how we respond to the negative actions of other drivers.