Cobb County GLOCK Gun Safety House

Ribbon Cutting for GLOCK Firearm Safety House in Cobb County

Safe LivinG’s partner, GLOCK has a commitment to teaching firearm safety.  One of the many ways they demonstrate this is through their donation of $100,000 to Georgia’s Cobb County’s Safety Village to build GLOCK’s Gun Safety House.  This interactive miniature home is used to teach gun safety to every second grader in Cobb County.  The GLOCK Safety House teaches Cobb County’s fourth graders about Safe Neighbor contact, Safe Place and gun safety.

Cobb County’s Safety Village teaches important safety techniques, provides guidance on crime prevention, and, most importantly, involves residents in hands-on learning experiences.  Private Groups and individuals can participate in the Safety Village Safety Days.  More information can be found at Cobb County Safety Village.

COB County Safety Village
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