Project ChildSafe

Home Safety Must Include Firearm Safety

Everyday should be a safety day and every month a safety month, but I do agree having specific months for safety topics is a good thing. June is Firearm Safety […]

Safe Firearm Storage

Safe Firearm Storage

Owning a firearm is a right that every law-abiding American can enjoy, but with that right comes a need for commitment to safety and responsibility that comes with gun ownership.  There […]

Elk Hunt at Upper Canyon Outfitters by Karen Butler, photo by Tess Rousey Ruger rifle vortex scope vortex range finder

Outdoor Safety While Hunting 

Follow Basic Firearm Safety when Hunting There are many things to keep in mind regarding safety when hunting. Carrying a firearm in the field has its own dangers which one […]

Dr. Lisa shooting a Glock at Public Range

How to Find an Outdoor Range

Through Dr. Lisa M. Orick-Martinez experiences she knows personally the importance of safety when it comes to finding a shooting range. She shares pertinent information you need when looking for […]

Taurus Firearm Safety

Taurus Safety Initiatives

The firearms industry is filled with companies who are focused on safety. Taurus has exceptional safety resources

Ribbon Cutting for GLOCK Firearm Safety House in Cobb County

Cobb County GLOCK Gun Safety House

Safe LivinG’s partner, GLOCK has a commitment to teaching firearm safety. One of the many ways they demonstrate this is with their GLOCK Gun Safety House at Cobb County’s Safety Village.

Fortifying Your Castle

The phrase, “Your home is your castle” depicts you are the ruler of your home, and only you can decide who has permission to enter. Your home or “safe space” […]