Taurus Safety Initiatives

The arrow is pointing to a chamber flag/blocker as an indicator it is unloaded. You must treat every gun like it is loaded, even when a chamber flag is visible. 

The firearms industry is filled with companies who are focused on safety.  Taurus has an exceptional safety resources at Taurus.com.  This link has articles focused on basic firearm safety to home gun safety.  The home gun safety article is an excellent resource for families.  If you have a gun in your home, this article suggests the following:

  • Don’t try to hide a gun in the house, thinking that the child will never find it. They will. Children have the ability to find anything adults can hide. And, the better something is hidden, the harder the child will look for it, and the more importance it will have to the child once it is found.
  • Avoid attaching any mystique to the firearm through flat prohibition. Nothing gets a child’s attention faster or stronger than being told “No,” without explanation or reasoning. Children are smart, and will see through flat prohibition.
  • If you carry a firearm on a daily basis, be sure to secure it when you get home. Make sure that your child knows you do this, and why.

The article also provides many valuable safety tips, including a favorite to teach your children, “Do not show off firearms to friends and schoolmates. And, do not tell friends and schoolmates that there are firearms in the house.”  

Check out the safety resources Taurus offers.

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