woman shooting rifle

Physical Fitness Benefits of Sports

There are many physical benefits to taking up shooting sports.  Increased strength, stamina, balance, hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills are just some of the benefits.  For instance, hand guns greatly increase […]

layered gear

Staying Safe While Exercising in the Dark

Exercising outside after dark can be a safety hazard. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 80% of pedestrian traffic fatalities occur at night or in low-light conditions. […]

Playground Safety

Beware of Concussions Most kids never met a playground they didn’t like. They may certainly have their favorites, but even the old, worn out, simplest playgrounds attract children for hours […]

lacrosse hiking boots

Oh My Aching Feet!

Over the decades that I have worked as a personal trainer, my clients all have asked me that common question regarding which athletic shoe to wear. Many of them would […]

Heat wave ahead, exercising in the heat

10 Safety Tips For Exercising in the Heat

If you’re not prepared, exercising in the heat can have tragic consequences. Heat-related illnesses are largely preventable. By taking some basic precautions, your exercise routine doesn’t have to suffer when […]