Dog, Red Fox Lab, Trigger, Pet Hearing

Summer Safety – Pets and Fireworks

This is an article copied from our good friend, Susan Hansen’s website, Critter. Susan developed and patented an in-ear silicone earplugs to protect dogs hearing. Fireworks Are Back The 4th of […]

Hornady safe on nightstand

How to Safely Have a Firearm in Your Home 

Millions of Americans own firearms, which means millions of homes in America have firearms in them. Even though firearm safety seems like it is an inherent skill (something you just […]

Wherever your travels take you, there are specific safety protocols that one should consider. Learn what it really means to have Safe Travels.

Safe Travels: On-the-Go Awareness

When a loved one tells us that they are going on a trip, our response is usually, “safe travels”. We expect them to reach their destination safely and return home unscathed.

Boy using phone to call his parents

Calling For Help

Calling for help should be a simple task, but in today’s technology driven society it could be a difficult task. My mind always goes to children, those in the age bracket that think Google is or was our only resource, but this challenge is also affecting many adults today.

Fortifying Your Castle

The phrase, “Your home is your castle” depicts you are the ruler of your home, and only you can decide who has permission to enter. Your home or “safe space” […]