Increased Crime Trends Demand People Be Situationally Aware

Increased Jugging Crime Trends

When we read or watch the news reports, the statistics tell us that Jugging Crimes are on the rise; and everyone is a potential target.  People must be situationally aware to mitigate their risk of being a victim.  A quick google search of the term “jugging” nets far too many results.  Jugging is when a criminal follows you from a bank or store to rob you.  To understand the potential severity of these crimes read this article by Fox News, and watch the very disturbing video.  It shows a woman being brutally thrown to the ground and robbed after she came out of a bank – the attack left her paralyzed.  

CASH from ATM potential jugging victim

Increased Car Break-in Crime Trends

If you think you are safe in your car, think again.  In another news story from the New York Daily News by Brian Niemietz tells about a CNN team that was robbed while working on a story in San Francisco about street crime.  Their car was broken into while they were in the City Hall building.  The quote in this story that really signifies why everyone one must be situationally aware was from CNN Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah, she warned that even with hired muscle keeping guard, cars aren’t safe on city streets.

car break in robbery

Be Prepared; Not Scared

Be Situationally Aware

In our research at SLG2, Inc we find that more people are fearful of being a victim of a crime.   Our quick google search validates that fear; however we shouldn’t live our lives in fear.  We can take steps to be prepared; not scared.  This requires us to be more situationally aware, know what to do if we are being followed, and learn the responsibilities of deciding to be your own first responder, if that is your choice.  

Be Prepared

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