Keeping the Tradition of Safety Alive

When I hear the words “Tradition”, “Firearms” & “Safety” there are several firearms companies that have been around a very long time that exemplify those words, one of those being Colt.  

pistol patent day colt buzz revolver

In 1836, Colt was issued the US Patent for the first Colt firearm and to this day they continue to deliver some of the world’s finest, innovative firearms.  

Since then, they have committed to keeping the traditions of firearm safety at the forefront.

A Tradition of Safety

Colt is also proud supporters of Project ChildSafe and the “Own it? Respect it. Secure It.” Initiatives. On the Colt web site you can download several informative brochures about Project ChildSafe.  

ladies shooting a colt revolver

Sharing the love of shooting sports or your hunting traditions with your children, friends and extended family is wonderful and important to keep those traditions alive.   It’s also imperative to educate your children about firearms safety and what to do for instance in the event they are not with you and a firearm is in their presence.  There are resources available online to provide guidance on discussions that are age related that you should have with your children, and several articles and video links on our SafeLivinG site that further discuss the topic as well.  

SAFETY is and always will be top priority!  

The Four Rules of Basic Firearms Safety are simple:

  1. Treat every firearm as though it is loaded. 
  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.  A “safe direction” meaning you should never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy (living or not).
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Be aware of your target and what is around or beyond it. 

At  Safe LivinG we like to include a fifth safety rule “Keep firearms away from unauthorized users”.   When you are not using your firearm, it is important to secure it!  Regardless of if you are at home or even in your vehicle there are so many secure storage options.  It is your responsibility as a responsible firearm owner to prevent “unauthorized individuals”  (whether that be a criminal or even a child) from accessing your firearm.   Check out some great safe options to purchase at Bass Pro Shops. (We may get a small commission for any sale from this link). Colt shows their support for this rule through Project Childsafe and issuing gun cable locks for free! We are proud to partner with them as they continue to keep the traditions of safety alive!

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