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Why Wear Safety Glasses?

The American Association of Ophthalmology (AAO) recognizes April as Sports Eye Safety Month to educate the public regarding the importance of wearing eye protection, especially when engaging in activities where an eye-related injury could occur. According to the AAO, basketball is the leading cause of sports-related eye injuries in the United States. Also identified as sports that have a higher risk of eye injury are boxing and full-contact martial arts. There are a variety of sport-specific glasses designed to reduce the risks associated with the specific sport.

Safety glasses are recommended

Many people underestimate the risks associated with not protecting their eyes, whether at work or play. Various types of eye-related injuries may be avoided when eye protection is worn, such as eye irritation, cuts, punctures or even blindness. Safety glasses are recommended, and sometimes required, for people who work in certain professions, such as manufacturing, healthcare, plumbing, mining, auto repair and construction, to name a few. 

Safety Glasses for Working Girls

Wearing safety glasses or goggles:

  • serve as a barrier between your eyes and projectiles 

  • protect your eyes from flying debris, chemical exposure, dust, wood splints, metal shards, flying hot brass, dust and harmful ultraviolet radiation

  • prevent direct splashes of harmful liquids from reaching the eyes and are an important part of healthcare workers’ personal protective equipment, also known as PPE

  • provide a barrier against chemical vapors that can burn or damage the eyes, as well as cause long-term eye health problems
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, requires employers to provide the equipment needed to maintain a safe working environment, including eye protection, to prevent job-related eye injuries. Impact-resistant safety glasses are made of strong polycarbonate material designed to protect against unexpected collisions with various objects. Prescription safety glasses are also available and should be substituted for your everyday glasses, as they provide a higher level of protection or coverage and should resist shattering upon impact. They allow you to maintain proper vision while remaining safe and providing eye protection. Depending on the environment, special coatings can provide anti-fog and anti-reflective features to further improve visual clarity. 

Safety glasses can also be designed to help prevent eye strain due to bright lights and heavy computer screen usage. Anti-glare coatings reduce harsh glare and tinted lenses can reduce the strain on computer screens and other digital devices.

On the gun range –

it is imperative that you maintain eye safety by wearing appropriate eye protection. Look for safety glasses that are ANSI rated specifically for shooting , which indicate a specific safety rating by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Choosing a pair of safety glasses that allow for the best unobstructed field of view can help to ensure accuracy on the range time. Consider frames that are durable, rugged and comfortable. There are a variety of lenses, therefore ensure that they are shatter-resistant for the best protection. Anti-fog and anti-glare features are useful in different environments and weather conditions on the range, whether indoors or outdoors. Clear lenses are suitable for indoor shooting. Tinted lenses may enhance your vision in specific environments. To learn more about ballistic-rated eyewear, tinted lenses and usage of the various lens colors, visit Magpul.

TBuzz and Kelsey in Magpul Safety Glasses

Protecting your vision is vitally important.

Invest in quality safety glasses or goggles, based on the activity for which you need the eye protection to achieve the best possible outcome and maintain your vision for years to come.

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