Safety Tips While Staying at a Hotel

Traveling and being away from the comforts of your own home doesn’t have to make you feel uneasy, especially when it comes to staying in a hotel where people are constantly coming and going. You can make yourself safer while staying a hotel by following some safety tips.

Tips to help keep you safe while staying at a hotel:

  • Ask the hotel staff to not be on the first floor. These are the easiest rooms to access. 
  • Don’t publicize your room number. You never know who is listening.The front desk staff are concerned about your safety as well and will write your room number down with your key. 
  • Be alert of others when walking to your room. Is someone else in the hallway too? Avoid looking at your phone, and keep your eyes up.  
  • Check your room when you first get into it. This includes behind curtains, under beds, and in closets. There are many hiding places in hotel rooms. Also be sure your windows are locked. 
  • Know where your nearest exit is. On the back of hotel doors, they provide you with a map that shows where the nearest exit, elevator and stairs are located. If you’re staying with others, make sure they know where the exits are as well.
Protect your room key and room number
Do not disturb
  • Always use the hotel deadbolt. This may also come in the form of a latch or chain. (Bonus Tip: Rubber door stoppers are small enough to put in your luggage and make great additional stopping power, should anyone try to open your door.)
  • Don’t answer the door. Unless you ordered room service, there is no reason to have someone at your door. If the person knocking claims to work for the hotel, call down to the front desk to verify BEFORE opening the door. 
  • Keep the “Do Not Disturb” sign up. Hotel staff knows not to enter a room that has this sign up so if someone is messing with the door, it might be a red flag.  
  • Keep a flashlight close by. If the hotel electricity goes out, you don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark. 
  • Lock up or hide your valuables when you leave the room. 
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Thieves know that you are traveling and that sometimes people get lazy and leave things in their vehicles. Don’t just hide your belongings, take them with you!

Always trust your gut. If you feel that something isn’t quite right while staying a hotel, talk to the hotel staff or call the local authorities. 

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