Summer Safety – Five Pet Safety Tips

Summer time in hot climates can be great for you and your dog, but also very dangerous for your furry loved one.  Keep your pets safe in the heat by following these safety tips.

5 Tips for Pet Safety in the Heat

  • Make sure you aren’t walking in the heat of the day. Asphalt and concrete can reach temperatures of 140+ degrees! That is too hot for your pup’s paws. Don’t forget about how hot metal surfaces can get also! If you do need to be out in the middle of the day, try staying in the shade or invest in dog boots! 
  • Never leave your dog in a non-running car. If the temperature is 90 degrees outside, within 10 minutes the inside temperature of your car would be over 105 degrees. Even with the window cracked, the temperature rises with every passing minute. 
Hot Dog
  • Even when walking in the morning hours or later in the evening, always make sure you have clean, fresh water available for your dog. The heat affects dogs like it does humans. It dehydrates them. Bonus! Have you tried giving ice to your dog as a treat?! Most dogs love it and the owner loves it because you know your dog is getting extra water in their system! 
  • While it seems like going to a lake or river might be the best way to beat the heat with your pup, be sure to look up local water quality studies. In a lot of areas, the heat and the lack of rain causes algae blooms that can make your dog very sick or even die. This isn’t all algae and normally a quick search can tell you if it’s ok for dogs. 
Dog getting water
  • Did you know dogs can get sunburnt? This is especially true for short haired dogs or dogs with thin fur. Look into getting a pup-friendly sunscreen for the times when you will be out in direct sunlight.

With a few precautions, summer time is a great time to spend with your dogs in the great outdoors! So strap on those shoes, grab your leash and go play with your dog! 

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Dog getting water
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