Dog, Red Fox Lab, Trigger, Pet Hearing

Summer Safety – Pets and Fireworks

This is an article copied from our good friend, Susan Hansen’s website, Critter. Susan developed and patented an in-ear silicone earplugs to protect dogs hearing. Fireworks Are Back The 4th of […]

lady in wheelchair at Shoot Like A Girl event

Safety in the Home for the Mobility-Impaired Person

Home safety is important for everyone; including those who are mobility-impaired For those who have a mobility impairment or balancing issues, other challenges will need to be considered to ensure […]

Safety Inside Your Home

Safety Inside Your Home 

What if Your Home Was Invaded? Would You be Ready?  When I took my current job at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, I tried to soak up as much […]

Security Gates are a great layer of home security

Multilayer Home Security

Create home security utilizing a defense in depth concept. Defense in depth means to utilize multiple layers of security to maximize the safety of your home.