Safety Inside Your Home 

What if Your Home Was Invaded? Would You be Ready? 

When I took my current job at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, I tried to soak up as much information from the officers that I could. I brought some knowledge from my time managing the firearms department at Cabela’s, but there were a few things I didn’t know.

What does a home intruder look for in a target?

Typically they look for a single story house with one or only a few occupants, no dogs and regular schedules. I was shocked! I live in a single story house, am on a very regular schedule, and I am alone often during the evenings because my husband is a farmer. I do have two very vocal dogs and firearm related vanity plates on my car, so I do have that going for me! Learning that I have an almost optimal situation for a home intruder, I decided it was time to go through some things to help keep myself and my family safe.

Where am I most vulnerable?

My first thought was, where am I most vulnerable? Detached garage, bathroom, kitchen and basement. I decided to put some sort of self defense tool in each area. 

Since our garage is detached, I imagined walking in to get my car out in the morning and someone being in there. Placing an unsecured firearm in a place and situation like that would be a very poor decision! So, we have strategically placed hand combat tools placed inconspicuously, but at the ready.

Bathroom. My father-in-law once came into our house to drop off something while I was in the shower. I didn’t know he was coming, and couldn’t hear him because of the shower. I was shocked when I found an item on our counter after getting out of the shower. I now have a strategically placed firearm in my bathroom, using a gun magnet.

In the kitchen, there are many tools that could be used for self defense! I decided to move a couple knives out of the drawer with the rest, to other places. Our “walk in door” that is unlocked when we are home, leads right into the kitchen. 

Detached Garage

We do have a gun safe in the basement. I have a revolver easily accessible should I need it.  The reason that we choose a revolver is because our research led to that decision.  We like that it is easy to clean and has a very simple operation.

I learned through training that shotguns are a great home defense option. Since they shoot pellets, rather than one solid bullet, your chances of shooting through walls into the adjoining room are less likely. You also have a greater chance of impact, since there are multiple projectiles at once.

Have a Plan and Options

I do feel more comfortable at home knowing that I have self defense options at the ready, should a home invasion situation arise. There are many home defense classes offered across the country that will teach you about target identification, less than lethal self defense tactics and a plethora of other information that will lessen the chances of undue injury to yourself or others.


  1. Dennis Leonard

    Tactical lights, and perhaps a laser sight, on home defense firearms are worthy of consideration too. The laser on your nightstand gun is especially beneficial if you wear glasses.

  2. Dennis Leonard

    GREAT article!

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